New from Brew Hardware – SpinCycle Weldless Kettle Whirlpool Return

Brew Hardware has introduced the SpinCycle Weldless Kettle Whirlpool Return.

The SpinCycle utilizes SpinCycle-2TBrew Hardware’s great True Weldless Bulkhead and is designed to make whirlpooling easy.  That helps chill wort more quickly and makes a concentrated puile of trub and hop particles in the center of your kettle for clear transfers.  The SpinCycle is available in multiple sizes and starts at just $29.

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from Brew Hardware: Brewers that use immersion chillers and also own a pump should know that recirculating the wort back into the kettle to whirlpool the wort makes for much faster cooling and will also make a concentrated pile of trub and hop particles in the center of the kettle bottom. This whirlpool port assembly installs high up on your kettle wall above the typical wort level and then extends down before curving to the side to force the recirculated liquid towards the sidewall.

Introducing the BrewHardware exclusive and purpose-built unit called the Spin Cycle. We started with our industry leading “True Bulkhead” weldless bulkhead design with captured O-ring and extended male threads and had the 1/2″ drop tube fully welded in. The result is THE most compact and visually stunning way to whirlpool. It includes the base unit with the welded drop tube, the captured high temp silicone oring, a thin SS washer and a 1/2″ NPS locknut to hold it all together. Best of all, look at that price! You couldn’t get a professional welder to tack weld two pieces of scrap together for this much.


Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.


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