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Great Fermentations Dark Side Robust Porter is a rich, roasty and robust traditional English style porter.  It is available in both all grain and extract versions.  The all grain version features Maris Otter for the base malt, a generous amount of brown malt and Simpson’s Medium Crystal and Chocolate Malt.  It receives two charges of Fuggle hops.  Yeast Suggestions are Wyeast #1098 British Ale, Wyeast #1275 Thames Valley, Wyeast #1099 Whitbread Ale, Imperial Yeast A01 House or Safale-04 dry yeast.


“A true English style robust porter, straight out of the pages of history! The Dark Side Robust Porter uses a healthy dose of Brown malt, a malt that porters traditionally used as their base, to add a heavy robust character to the beer. Notes of coffee flow forth in the flavor profile, aided by some chocolate malt and balanced by some crystal malts from the U.K. Add some English Fuggle hops on top, and you’ve got a robust porter that finishes big with a hint of sweetness. Once you go to the dark side, you may never go back!”

Here’s a look at brewing the all grain version of Dark Side Robust Porter…

cln_img_0345Taking the temperature of the grain bill.  In all, this 5 gallon recipe uses 13.5 lbs of grain.  I take the grain temperature and then plug it into my Brew Day Spreadsheet to get a target strike water temp.cln_img_0350Filling my mash tun with strike water.  I do not pre-heat my mash tun.  My spreadsheet estimates temp based on a room temperature mash tun.  Time… saved!  🙂cln_img_0357Mash temp obtained.  Suggested mash temp range is 152 to 154 deg Fcln_img_0358A look at the mash.  It looks and smelled delicious.cln_img_0360First runnings draining into my 10 gallon Blichmann G2 Kettle.  This is a batch sparge brew, so this is 1 of 2.cln_img_0362The Blichmann TopTier in actioncln_img_0367The top ball valve (out side) on my March Pump is what controls flow rate.  A reasonable flow helps prevent a stuck mash.cln_img_0369It’s difficult to see in this picture, but the sight gauge on my G2 is showing 6 gallons.  That was my target pre-boil volume.cln_img_0370A scoop of spent grains.  Looks and smells tasty.cln_img_0376Hot breakcln_img_0378After the first hop additioncln_img_0382Wort chiller was added with 15 minutes left to sanitize.cln_img_0118This beer calls for an English yeast.  I decided to use a A01 House Imperial Organic Yeast.  That yeast is canned and Imperial includes about double cell count compared to typical homebrew size pitches.  About A01… “House from Imperial Organic Yeast is truly a versatile strain that works great as, well, a house strain! It is well balanced, allowing both malt and hop character to shine in the finished beer. This yeast is clean all around, but will produce more fruity esters as temperature increases. While it works well on American IPAs and pales, it can be used in a plethora of ales, both British and American. This yeast is highly flocculant and will drop out of solution after fermentation, yielding brilliantly clear beers. A great choice for a house strain in your home brewery!”cln_img_0388To sanitize.  I soaked the top of the can in Star Sancln_img_0392A quick look at the open cancln_img_0434A01 calls for a fermentation temp of between 62 and 70 deg F.  I cut it about in the middle at 67 deg F.  Here is my Inkbird Dual Stage Controller at the beginning of fermentation.  Toward the end of fermentation, I bumped it up a couple degrees to help encourage the yeast to clean things up.cln_img_0674Kegging.  Beautiful looking beer.cln_img_1003The finished beer in a Spiegelau Stout Glasscln_img_1005I thought it appropriate to serve this beer on my dark grain Mashed.In tap handle.

This is a straight up delicious beer.  The brown malt, crystal and chocolate malts produce roasty, coffee, chocolate flavors.  As  the beer warms up on your mouth, these flavors pop.  This is a delicious English style Robust Porter.  This was one of those beers, that I was concerned that I would run out of before getting the final picture for this post.

Dark Side Robust Porter All-Grain Kit

Dark Side Robust Porter Extract Kit

Imperial Organic Yeast | A01 House

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