New… Big Mouth 1 Gallon Modular Mini-Keg!

Big Mouth™ Modular Mini-Keg

Northern Brewer has just released the Big Mouth Modular Mini Keg.  It comes either as a 1 gallon mini keg or with the addition of an expansion kit it acts as a full 5 gallon ball lock keg.  It also… disassembles.  You can… take the mini keg apart and throw it in your dishwasher.

from Northern Brewer: When the party is over, Big Mouth™ completely disassembles to fit in a dishwasher. Effortlessly clean every nook and cranny.

Modularity means more than just a cleaner, more sanitary keg. It’s expandable. Start with the mini-keg for small batches or quickly kegging and carbonating a partial batch. Pop in the 5 gallon expansion pack (sold separately) when you’re ready for bigger brew days, and collapse back to 1 gallon for keeping it in your fridge or party-ready portability.

Equipped with a revolutionary access port for easy flavor additions. Hang a hop bag or oak spiral from the included hook to customize any batch. Plus, the smaller port means easier sealing and less chance of oxidation.

Check it out: Big Mouth Modular Mini-Keg | 5 Gallon (with Expansion Kit)

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11 thoughts on “New… Big Mouth 1 Gallon Modular Mini-Keg!

  1. Mike

    I love how folks criticize a product simply because it is different. Or maybe because they can’t afford it? A review should be products one has actually tried.

  2. Dave

    The best part is having 1 or 5 gallon of beer at the bottom of your Keezer when you don’t tighten it properly or when the gasket fails after use.

  3. jeff r

    So… What’s the advantage over traditional kegs? Unless you’re limited to one keg and you want both a 1g and a 5g.

    1. admin Post author

      Flexibility… you can start out with 1 gallon now and grow to 5 gallons or switch back and forth. Also the ability to get inside of the keg by disassembling it.

  4. jwin

    I hope for NBS sake, they did a small initial run.
    Not a horrible concept, but a horrible price imo.
    No need to reinvent the wheel.

  5. Doug

    Seriously, who thought of this? Anybody interested in paying $350 for a 5 gallon keg? You can get 2 regular 5-gallon ball locks and 2 2.5-gallon ball locks for cheaper than this thing with expansion kit.


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