MoreBeer’s Black Friday Sale? + Tips


Since I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating Homebrew Finds, MoreBeer has always come out to play on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  They’ve done a couple different things in that time.  Most years they have done a deal-of-the-day-a-thon with multiple deals coming up throughout the day.  They’ve have also had more traditional sales with a selection of items discounted for a set amount of time.  I have no inside knowledge about what they will be doing this year.

Some specific tips for MoreBeer’s possible sale….

  1. MoreBeer offers free shipping with most $59 orders [Details].  Have a selection of “filler items” available to easily (and quickly) put together a $59 order.  These deals will not last long, you may not have time to come up with a list on the fly.
  2. Some filler item resources… Gift Ideas Page – contains some smaller items that may be helpful,  Sale and Clearance Itemsthese will stack with promo code based deals,  THIS STUFF – you can always use more, your favorite recipe kit, maybe Pliny, our Filler Items Page
  3. Build a shopping list.  Know what you’re in the market for so you can make quick decisions.  Check out… New Items, Torpedo Kegs
  4. When they done a  deal-of-the-day-a-thon style sale… Deals have typically started at 9 AM Pacific and go late into the evening.  Typically new deals have started every 30 minutes or less.
  5. Research… BrewSculptures.  Typically (again – I currently have no advance knowledge of MoreBeer’s plans) at least one BrewSculpture shows up when they do this.  These are large purchases.  If you’re considering a BrewScupture.  Research those now so that you’re ready to make a quick and competent decision.  [More details re: MoreBeers v4 BrewSculptures]

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