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Mashed In makes beautiful custom beer tap handles from actual brewing ingredients including Hops, a variety of grains and more.

I have four of these tap handles. cln_img_0248 They are awesome.  You can see a picture of these in my recent post on brewing Big Little Guy IPA.

These tap handles are marked down $5 to $34.99 (CAD).  Promo code HBFSAVE10 saves you another 10% on individual handles (does not apply to 4 handle set).  Shipping is free… worldwide.  Additional gear including Cider and Cold Brew Coffee handles as well as custom coasters are also available.

Check them out – Mashed In Custom Ingredient Tap Handles

A couple notes of clarification… 1. These are made with real brewing ingredients, whole cone hops and malted barley and 2. Prices are in CAD Canadian Dollars.  These ship from Canada worldwide at no additional cost.  Paypal is accepted and paypal will handle the USD (or whatever) to CAD exchange.

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