Half Gallon Stainless Steel Pitcher [Brew Day & Beyond]

Measuring Cup, Newness Stainless Steel Measuring Cup with Marking with Handle, 64 Ounces (2.0 Liter, 8 Cup)

64 Ounce/2 Liter/Half Gallon Stainless Steel Pitcher with handle

  • Unbreakable: Made of stainless steel, durable, unbreakable, sturdy, and strong. It will last longer than plastic and glass. No need to worry about it breaking by dropping it accidentally. Please do not use the stainless steel measuring cup with acids, salts and other corrosive chemical liquids.
  • Light Weight but Heavy Duty: Lighter than some heavy glass measuring cup with the same capacity. Wide mouth design of the cup, makes it so easy to clean and use.
  • Solid Grip: Great handle. The handle has great grip to hold the cup. The angled handle allows you to hold and pour liquid securely, and it is spot welded on. With closed handle, easy to store, just hang it on the wall of your kitchen.
  • Easy to Use: The measuring lines on the inside of the cup are easy to read and have units for both ml and oz. The ounce measurement starts from 16 oz to 64 oz with 2 oz step value. The liter measurement starts from 500 ml to 2000 ml with 100 ml step value.

You could use this on brew day and beyond.

I’ve talked about the larger Rubbermaid Commercial Products 4-Quart Bouncer [Review] for quite a while now.  It has become a regular part of my brew day and more.  Why would you select a smaller stainless pitcher over the Rubbermaid Commercial pitcher?  Some people want to get as much plastic-type materials out of their brewing process.  If that’s you, check out this half gallon stainless pitcher.

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for current description, price and availability.  Also: Today’s Deals on Amazon

Measuring Cup, Newness Stainless Steel Measuring Cup with Marking with Handle, 64 Ounces (2.0 Liter, 8 Cup)

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