Blemished SS Carb Caps – $10.25 Shipped + 2 Recirculating Line Cleaning Builds

Carbonation Cap With 5/16 Barb

SS Ball Lock Carbonation Cap with barb fitting.  Cosmetically blemished.  See the product description for complete info.  These are selling for just $7.25 with $3 shipping.

These are intended to convert 1L and 2L bottles to pressurized growlers.  Fill up a 1L or 2L PET bottle with your beer.  Put one of these on (purge the head space by squeezing if you want to) and then pressurize for transport.  You can also use this cap to rapidly carbonate beer.  Same process as for transport, just shake it up until it’s carbonated.

Carbonation Cap With 5/16 Barb – $7.25 + $3 Shipping


Mark II Keg & Carboy Cleaner… As a Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump

I have used a similar cap in two draft line cleaning builds…


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