SS Brewing Technologies – Brew Bucket w/Thermowell LCD Thermometer – $225 Shipped


SS Brewing Technologies Brew Bucket – Brewmaster Model.  This version is the Brew Bucket with the addition of a weldless thermowell and LCD thermometer – from monitoring fermentation temperatures.

304 food grade stainless steel, rotating racking valve. 6.95 gallon capacity, 40 degree conical bottom for trapping trub, nests for storage, molded silicone gasket, airtight lid, gallon markers inside (read full description).

MoreBeer has this on sale for $225 (you save $30) with free shipping.  The Brewmaster version has been out of stock for some time.  It’s available again as of this posting.

Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Brew Bucket FE820$255 $225 + Free Shipping

AlsoSs Brewtech Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Fermenter FE800$225 $195 + Free Shipping

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