Reader Tip: 50% Off 25+ Clearance Hops at Label Peelers!

Thanks to Twitter Follower Ryan for this tip!  [Connect with HBF on Twitter]

clearance hops

Label Peelers has a good selection of clearance hops that are marked down a whopping… 50%

Varieties include Bravo, Cluster, Crystal, Czech Saaz, Falconers Flight, German Saphir, Horizon, Merkur, Northdown, Opal, Pacifica, Pilgrim, Progress, Simcoe (1 lb leaf), Smaragd, Sorachi Ace, Summit and more.  In all there are over 25 choices to choose from.

from Label Peelers: “These hops have been stored in a controlled climate, and Hop Union packages them in a UV blocking, nitrogen purged, state of the art package. We have been using them in our personal brews, and we also have opened and checked samples for freshness. We were very surprised at how well the Hop Union packaging preserves the hops.  All that aside we are offering a money back, no questions asked freshness guarantee. No risk, simply a great deal on some great hops.”

Check it out – Clearance Hops 50% OFF!

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2 thoughts on “Reader Tip: 50% Off 25+ Clearance Hops at Label Peelers!

  1. jeff

    I wish they listed what year they were harvested in though. Especially for the higher alpha varieties. Even when stored at cooler temps, time can take a bite out or your alpha acids.

    Varieties where buttering isn’t what you need, probably not going to be as much an issue of course.

    1. admin Post author

      That’s pretty common. I asked a shop about this once and they said their supplier doesn’t even tell them. If hops are stored well, they generally stay fresh for a long time.


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