New from MoreBeer… BrewSculpture v4 – 20 years of R&D and Feedback

Digital BrewSculpture™ V4

New from MoreBeer.  Generation 4 BrewSculptures have arrived…

“A professional brewery on a personal scale.  BrewSculptures are complete all-in-one, professional quality brewing systems that look as good they brew. Introduced in the 1990’s, and now on version 4.0, we have 20 years of R&D and customer feedback built into their design. Because they brew beer in the same style as a commercial brewery they are used and endorsed by an impressive list of commercial breweries and prestigious brewing schools for recipe design and test brewing. Companies using a BrewSculpture include Russian River, Sierra Nevada, Stone, Rogue, Samuel Adams, UC Davis and the Siebel Institute. If you want the best… consider a BrewSculpture.”

Some Key Features of All BrewSculptures

  • Made in USA in the MoreBeer! Metal Shop
  • 304 Stainless Steel TIG welded frames. The ultimate frame material that will outlast you. No paint or powder coating.
  • Oversized 304 stainless Brewbuilt Kettles with welded fittings, notched lids, internally etched volume markers, aluminum clad bottoms, and silicone handles. Built to last.
  • Top of the line, easy to use, disconnect and clean, fluid path. Includes top of the line March pumps, silicone tubing, and our own specially designed stainless quick disconnects.
  • Fast, efficient and quite burners with great flame control. Simmer or rolling boil – the choice is yours.
  • Mashtun includes the Ultimate Sparge Arm with innovative design to eliminate hot-side aeration, center draw outlet, gasketed false bottom, and low volume of base water under the screen.
  • Boil Kettle includes innovative Whirlpool recirculation for leaving hops and trub behind.

One notable difference between the previous version and generation 4 is… every size ships for free in the contiguous US.  This constitutes a substantial savings as common carrier shipping on these units can cost well over $1,000 depending on where you live.

Read more and checkout the full lineup

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