New: Brewers Reserve Series of Beer Kits + HBF Reader Exclusive

Brewers Reserve Beer Kits


Great Fermentations has announced the availability of a new line of beer recipe kits – The Brewers Reserve Been Kit Series.  These premium beer kits will be available on a limited basis and will change periodically.

The first two recipes are an Oaked Imperial IPA and a Breakfast Stout

About Brewers Reserve Breakfast Stout… “A blend of specialty malts mesh perfectly with cocoa and coffee to create a beer worthy of drinking straight outta bed! All the malt character and velvety character of the beer is balanced by just the slightest touch of hops, creating a smooth drinking experience.”

About Brewers Reserve Oaked Imperial IPA… “This isn’t your average imperial IPA! Introducing our Brewer’s Reserve series, a line of high-end recipes that prduce beers of excellent quality, as well as give you a little extra something! This oaked imperial IPA uses a blend of fragrant hops for bittering, flavor and aroma, with a simple malt bill to back up all those hops. Then oak is added after primary fermentation to give depth and complexity. It’s almost like this beer was barrel aged! A simple American ale strain of yeast is used so that all the delicate hop and oak notes shine through brightly.”

These recipes are available in both Extract and All Grain versions and bundle with Flat Rate Shipping [See: Recent GF Finds to help you maximum Flat Rate Shipping savings]

Check them out – Brewers Reserve Beer Kits

HBF Reader Exclusive… Get a free GF20 Can Glass with Purchasegf20glass

  1. Add 1 or more Brewers Reserve beer kits to your cart (extract or all-grain)
  2. Add a GF20 glassware item to your cart (item# gf20glass). Limit one glass per order
  3. On the shopping cart page, apply the following promo code: HBFBRGF20
  4. Voila! You’ve got yourself a free glass!

Bundles With: $8.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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