Fermentation Wrap Heater… $18.99 Shipped

img_fermheaterElectric Fermenter Wrap Heater for Carboy or Fermentation Bucket (IPS # BDFWH)

Use a Fermentation Wrap Heater during the cold winter months to continue brewing all year long!

Gently heats a carboy or fermentation bucket 5-20°F greater than the ambient temperature, depending on the configuration and insulation.  Can be attached directly to your carboy or bucket using electrical tape.  Draws 40 watts. 115V.  Dimensions: 25-3/8″ x 10-5/8″.  40″ Long Cord.

You’ll need to use this in conjunction with a thermostat.  Check out the Inkbird ITC-308.  That is a dual stage, pre-wired, digital temperature controller.  Dual stage means it can control both a heating and cooling source so that you can really dial in temps.

via eBay Seller IPS.  This is selling for just $13.99.  Shipping to most US address is $5.  This is a great deal.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  If this offering has sold out, check out the seller’s Other Listings to see if it’s been relisted.

Check it out –  Electric-Fermentation-40W-115V-Carboy-Heater-Homebrew-Bucket-Beer-Wine-Fermenter

For ComparisonThe FermWrap Heater

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One thought on “Fermentation Wrap Heater… $18.99 Shipped

  1. Dave

    Just a quick heads-up. I bought several items from seller “IPS95” on eBay so far and planned on buying more. All of them arrived fine and in a timely fashion — except for one. Tracking number show “in transit” for 6 weeks yet the seller is about 75 miles from me. So the USPS apparently lost it and the seller filed a claim with the USPS, but they also refuses to send out another one or offer a refund.

    Now, it’s normally fine to say that the seller is not responsible for shipment, but we’re talking about a ***$6.70*** item here! So they told me to deal with eBay instead. Since more than 30-days have past, eBay said I was outside of the coverage. Now, I am forced to file a claim with PayPal which is currently pending.

    Yes, it’s only a $6.70 item, but when I sell on eBay, I gladly replace or refund items that get lost or are undelivered for any reason. Because to me, customer satisfaction is paramount over anything else. Apparently seller “IPS95” does not run their operation like that. I will be taking my future business elsewhere.


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