Ball Lock Keg Jumper Post – Clean Draft Lines… $5.99 – Back in Stock

We featured these a few days ago and they quickly sold out.  I noticed that, at least as of this posting, they’re in stock again…


via Brew Hardware.  This custom fitting is designed to allow you to connect two ball lock QDs together for the purpose of cleaning your draft lines more quickly and easily.

Maybe this is a strange idea but that’s how we roll. This custom made fitting allows you to connect a liquid ball lock coupler/disconnect to both sides. It’s made so that the poppet is depressed to get full flow through both lines. Why?  If you’ve got a multiple faucet kegerator, you’re probably used to cleaning your lines one tap at a time. There are a lot of different ways to run cleaner through the lines whether it be pumping, or maybe even dispensing BLC or other cleaners through by pressurizing a spare keg. The BEST way to clean lines is to use a pump because cleaner in motion works better than static. Here’s how we do it. We use a chugger pump fed from a spare pot or cooler and the output of the pump goes into the first faucet (simply clamp the hose on to the nozzle). The serving line goes to this ball lock jumper fitting, then into the serving line of the next faucet. On the outside of this faucet you can either run it back into your cleaner reservoir or continue to daisy chain to as many faucets as you have.

The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to take your disconnects off the lines or take them apart for cleaning. The cleaner goes through everything. You can also use it with only one QD attached which would then just hold the poppet open for you.


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3 thoughts on “Ball Lock Keg Jumper Post – Clean Draft Lines… $5.99 – Back in Stock

  1. theDarkSide

    I just picked up 2 of these today when I got this post and they’ve already shipped them. Going to try with my chugger pump and see how they work. If all goes well, I’ll get 3 more to complete what I need for my 6 tap kegerator. I’m hoping it will be better than my one-at-a-time pond pump setup I have.

  2. Rob

    I’m really interested in this idea – I hate cleaning my 5 taps one at a time. What kind of pump do you use? Any pictures of this in action? Do you use vinyl tubing and worm clamps? One of my taps is a nitro/stout tap with a restrictor plate. Would that cause any issues?

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Rob! If you look at the “draft line cleaning pumps” in this post, you’ll see both of the pump setups that I have including some pictures. I’ve just recently gotten these jumpers and haven’t used them yet. I suspect neither the pumps I used in those posts will be powerful enough. Brew Hardware suggests a Chugger pump. I’m going to try and rig a utility pump I have up for this. Either a Chugger/March pump or a utility pump shouldn’t be too hard to get going. Just a matter of getting the right connections.


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