30% Off Wine Kits, 50% Off Clearance Hops & 2015 Hop Pre-Order


Label Peelers is discounting all Selection Premium Wine Kits by 30%.  No promo code is needed, you should see these discounted on each product page if the sale is still going on.

Check it out – All Selection Premium Wine Kits 30% Off

Label Peelers also has a couple of great hop deals going on right now…

  • Label Peelers 2015 Crop Hop Pre-Order – Save 35% – Lock in hard to find 2015 hops at a discount
  • Hop Clearance50% Off over 25 hops. from Label Peelers “These hops have been stored in a controlled climate, and Hop Union packages them in a UV blocking, nitrogen purged, state of the art package. We have been using them in our personal brews, and we also have opened and checked samples for freshness. We were very surprised at how well the Hop Union packaging preserves the hops. All that aside we are offering a money back, no questions asked freshness guarantee. No risk, simply a great deal on some great hops.”

Also5 Most Recent Hop Finds

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