12 Dixon Phano Peel-Off China Marker Pencils + Checking for Keg CO2 Leaks

Dixon Phano Peel-Off China Marker Pencils, Black, 12-Count (00077)

12 Peel-Off Dixon Phano Peel-Off China Marker Pencils

These writes on (and wipe off) most surfaces.  I use these for temporarily labeling and marking surfaces around my homebrewery.  Oddly enough, I also use these kind of pencils to check for keg CO2 leaks.  See below for more on that.


  • Ideal for marking on glass, plastic, film, and most surfaces
  • Easily wipes away clean from smooth surfaces
  • Paper-wrapped with tear string sharpening
  • Pack of 12 black pencils

Dixon Phano Peel-Off China Marker Pencils, Black, 12-Count (00077)

Checking for Keg CO2 Leaks.  One thing I use these types of pencils for is checking for keg CO2 leaks.  I will remove the gas line and put on a pressure gauge [you can also use a Spunding Valve for this] on the keg.  I will use a wax pencil to mark the pressure and then wait overnight.  If the pressure doesn’t drop, the keg is leak free!  If the beer is still carbonating the pressure will drop.  Just leave it on the keg longer until it levels off.  If it keeps dropping, there is a leak.

This technique is clean (no spraying Star San or soapy water everywhere) and it also tests for leaks at the gas o-ring and gas QD.  Testing at this point is impossible (or at least very impractical) using the spray method.  Leaks will only surface here when a gas QD is connected.  You can’t physically see bubbles at this juncture.

Practically speaking, I usually use both methods.  I will spray keg right after filling to check for fast leaks.  After I think the beer is about carbonated, I’ll will periodically throw on a pressure gauge to check for o-ring and slow leaks.

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