1 lb Cocoa Nibs… $6.79!

1 lb Cocoa Cacao Nibs for Homebrewing Stouts Porters from RiteBrew

via RiteBrew1 lb of Cocoa Nibs for $6.79.  Add to your favorite stout or porter.  I’ve even had a very good blonde ale that had hint of chocolate in it.  A good way to have a lighter beer that’s a bit different.

These have been out of stock for a long time.  From what I can gather since March of this year.  At $6.79 these are a great deal – Compare at Amazon – search 1 lb cacao nibs

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  • Lightly roasted & crushed cocoa beans.
  • Semi-bitter chocolate flavor.
  • Soak in vodka, then add to secondary or at bottling.
  • If more bitterness is desired, add to boil.

827511 – Cocoa Nibs – 1lb – $6.79

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