2013 Summit Pellets… $7.50 per lb


Nikobrew a big hop sale going on.  The sale includes Bravo, Calypso, Chinook, CTZ, Hallertau, Polish Lubliner, Magnum, Meridian, Mount Hood, German Opal, Palisade, Summit and Ultra.

This sale brings 2013 Summit down to just $7.50 per lb.

Hops are flushed with nitrogen and stored at a frosty 5 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their stability and freshness.

Check out Niko’s Full Hop Selection – Look for the graphic above for sale hops.  There are currently 3 pages of hops, so you need to scroll through to see the entire selection.

Nikobrew offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.

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