Bus Tubs for Brew Day – Save Time and Effort

Bus Tubs Homebrew

Bus Tubs for Brew Day – A bus tub with a Rubbermaid Commercial High Temp Pitcher and my Brew Day Whisk.  Taken while brewing Brain Eater Pale Ale,

I use two of these on brew day and I find them invaluable.  I use them to cart around brew gear and ingredients – saving trips back and forth and time.

As brew day starts, I’ll keep a dry/clean bus tub and a wet/needs to be cleaned bus tub.  Having two helps me keep clean things clean.  That means less unnecessary cleaning.

If I’m using my pump, I’ll keep one below that.  It catches drips and also offers a place to store wet items such as stirring spoons, mash paddles, my mash stirring whisk and my equally invaluable 1 gallon pitchers.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG335100GRAY 7-1/8-Gallon Gray Undivided Bus/Utility Box – via Amazon

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, some clubs carry these or similar at a good price – check here – for availability and pricing.


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One thought on “Bus Tubs for Brew Day – Save Time and Effort

  1. Eric J

    I love the rubbermaid tubs too. There’s a half-size version available as well, which I like because it easy to carry when full, and its just wide enough to lay down longnecks side-by-side when soaking the labels off.


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