Step by Step Temperature Build Using the STC/ITC-1000

Inkbird 110V All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit & Centigrade Thermostat + 2 Relays

The STC-1000 has been a very popular homebrewing temperature controller.  One caveat of the STC-1000 (for some) is that the vast majority (maybe all?) display in Celsius only.  Yes you can do some firmware re-flashing and such things, but as far as off the shelf units, the vast majority read in Celsius.  Some may point to this offering.  It does indeed read in deg F, however, it appears to be the single stage version.

Enter the Inkbird ITC-1000… It’s 110 V, Dual Stage (can control both heating and cooling output), has an alarm to indicate sensor failure or high temperature and… it displays in Fahrenheit… finally!  It’s also said to be more user friendly than the STC-1000.  In addition to the ITC-1000, an ITC-2000 model is available.  That adds the ability to set both high and low temperature alarms.

The STC-1000 was already a great controller, arguably the best value in temperature controllers.  These improvements seem to make a great thing even better.

Inkbird 110V All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit & Centigrade Thermostat + 2 Relays Sensor – via Amazon

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The American Homebrewers Association has a great write up on a step by step build out of an STC-1000/ITC-1000 Temperature Controller Build.  It includes a parts list, pictures and diagrams along with a step by step how to for getting this going.

Check it out: How to Build a Temperature Controller

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