2014 Crop Chinook Pellets – $8.50


Nikobrew a number of hop lbs on sale including Bravo, Calypso, Chinook, CTZ, Hallertau, Polish Lubliner, Meridian, Mount Hood, German Opal, Palisade, Summit and Ultra.

2014 Crop Chinook Pellets are just $8.50 per lb.  That’s nearly 50% off.

Hops are flushed with nitrogen and stored at a frosty 5 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their stability and freshness.

Check out Niko’s Full Hop Selection – Look for the graphic above for sale hops.  There are currently 3 pages of hops, so you need to scroll through to see the entire selection.

Nikobrew offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.

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