100 Keg Dip Tube O-rings

109 Buna-N O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 5/16" ID, 1/2" OD, 3/32" Width (Pack of 100)

100 Dash 109 Buna-N O-rings  Dash 109 are the size for dip tube gaskets for most pin and ball lock kegs. SeeBulk Keg O-rings and Keg Repair Part Numbers for more information.

109 Buna-N O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 5/16″ ID, 1/2″ OD, 3/32″ Width (Pack of 100)

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    1. admin Post author

      Not very often. Months or years unless they get damaged. I am much quick to replace gas post orings as an issue with these = empty co2 tank.


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