Reader Tip: Tankless Water Heaters for Brewing – Home Depot Daily Deal

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Tankless Water Heaters at Home Depot

Home Depot has select tankless water heaters marked down as their daily deal.

PB Says: “Home Depot has electric tankless water heaters on sale. Would be good for mash temp water on demand in your home brewery.”

I’ve thought the same thing.  I think on-demand water heaters could prove a real time saver on brew day.  One issue with standard water heaters is the water sitting with sediment and so on.  That’s not a problem with tankless/on demand solutions.  It’s fresh water heated up as you need it.  Anybody doing this?  I’d love to hear feedback on specific units and see photos of your setup.  Email HBF

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4 thoughts on “Reader Tip: Tankless Water Heaters for Brewing – Home Depot Daily Deal

  1. Heiko

    I use an electric bucket heater to speed up heating of initial strike water while I setup the rest of my brewing equipment and mill the grains. Also during mashing it is used to heat up sparge water minimizing usage of propane. Inexpensive, taxes up little space and helps speed up my brew day.

  2. nolan

    I have looked into them before. Limitations decrease with significant increases in price and size. More Beer has a YouTube video showing the pilot brewery they built for Hop Union, and they utilize an instant hot water heater. They said it saves significant time getting the temp up as high as it can, then heating the the extra amount in the HLT.

  3. Preston

    Initially I thought genius! Then I read the description. Sounds like it might not go above 140deg

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t think it has to go to strike temp to make it really useful. If you start out at 140, you only have to raise it another 15 degrees-ish by some other means. That’s not much.


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