Limited Quantities of Azacca and Jarrylo Hops available via Bell’s Brewery


Azacca and Jarrylo are two new hops that have been difficult to find in stock.  I received word from my contact at Bell’s Brewery General Store that they have these in stock.  Both are available in single ounce increments.  Prices start at $2.75.

Jarrylo – Dual purpose, high alpha, 14 – 16% AA.  Banana, pear, orange and spice.

Azacca – Dual purpose, 10 – 16% AA – Intense tropical fruit profile.  Apricot, rip mango, pears, apples and pine.  Great late hop additional.

Hops are stored cold in nitrogen flushed oxygen and light barrier packages

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4 thoughts on “Limited Quantities of Azacca and Jarrylo Hops available via Bell’s Brewery

    1. David

      Yes, those are the varieties. There must be a surplus of them floating around that people are trying to unload.

      1. admin Post author

        David, I don’t think there is a surplus. Northern Brewer tweeted a while back… “Stole some hard to come by Azzaca hops. Keep an eye out for a severely limited edition kit.” These hops are hard to come by. My guess is the AHA worked something with BSG to get a supply for that promo.


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