Two Airtight Grain Storage Containers & Scoop

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Garnet Red/Gray

This combo package gets you two airtight containers (one 25 lb container and one 10 lb container).  You also get a scoop that could act nicely as a grain scoop.  The 25 lb container has casters for easily moving it around.  Both containers are airtight, BPA Free and made from FDA compliant material.

As to capacity…. This combo has appeared on HBF in the past. Here is some feedback we’ve received..

from HBF Reader Adam: I was able to successfully fit a 50lb Briess bag of Rye into one set of these. I was not able to fit a 55lb bag of 2-row into a set. I may take a few more minutes to shake it to settle the grain and try again, but it is going to be very close. One additional note on these, when you pick these containers up to move around, the lock doubles as a handle, as such, it is very easy to unlock it and potentially spill the grain.

Anonymous: “Mine arrived yesterday and I managed to fit a 50lb sack of 2 row in them.”

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Garnet Red/Gray

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