Reader Tip: Four Big Mouth Bubblers for… $79.99 – Flash Sale

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Big Mouth Bubbler Fermenters Midwest Supplies

Big Mouth Bubbler 4 Pack for $79.99!

via a limited time Midwest Supplies Flash Sale, get four Big Mouth Bubbler Fermenters for just $79.99.  That figures to just $20 each.  Both 6.5 gallon and 5 gallon sizes qualify for the sale.

Big Mouth Bubblers are purpose designed fermenters with a large easy access opening and anti-flex ribs for stability.  Big Mouth bubblers are made from food grade PET plastic for safety and durability.  A number of accessories (including a two port lid) are available.  More about BMB Fermenters

Check out the full sale details and grab the coupon code

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One thought on “Reader Tip: Four Big Mouth Bubblers for… $79.99 – Flash Sale

  1. EchoTony

    I would be down with this if they allowed mixed and matched sets. I wanted to get two 5 gallon and two 6.5 gallon bubblers. No go. They MUST all be the same size (small print on landing page).

    That said, I have a 6.5 already and it is now my primary. All beer goes there first. I love the large opening for cleaning. I love how easy it is to pour in yeast. The volume gradations are nice too. I still use glass for secondary, but was thinking I could use the 5 gallons for short secondary beers. Oh well.


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