Reader Feedback: 4 Pack of Beach and Pool Friendly IPA Cups – $15 Shipped

4-Pack of Plastic IPA Craft Beer Cups

4 Pack of rugged and shatterproof IPA cups.  17 oz capacity.  BPA Free.  Since these are plastic they are beach and pool friend.  No worrying about broken glass.

  • 4 pack IPA cups
  • 17oz Capacity
  • BPA free
  • Rugged and Shatterproof

At $15 with free priority shipping these figure to $3.75 each.  Note that these are not dishwasher safe.  See feedback below.

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from HBF Reader Tony:

I have these. I was excited to see the shape and bought them without much hesitation. After my order went through, I started to think about drinking out of plastic cups (I have a very nice lexan pint glass that imparts no flavor) and had a bit of buyer’s remorse, thinking I was stupid to buy these.

After they arrived (very quick shipping) I was glad to see they were very nicely made, and they impart no plastic flavor/smell. We have used them for about 1 month and plop them into the top rack of the dishwasher and they still look new. Amazed they are holding up so well and are exactly what I wanted to the beach and camping.

Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Reader Feedback: 4 Pack of Beach and Pool Friendly IPA Cups – $15 Shipped

  1. Doug

    Joel must have one hell of a hot water heater and dishwasher. I have these glasses and they are fine in my dishwasher.


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