Loose Handle Pin Lock Kegs – $27.99 + Repair Tip


via AIH.  5 Gallon Pin Lock Corny Keg With Loose Handle/Bottom.  These pin lock tanks are pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.  Includes lid and can still be used for kegging.

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As of this posting, these are selling for $27.99. Check AIH for up to the minute price and availability.

Loose Handle/Bottom 5 gallon Pin Lock keg w/Lid – $27.99

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One thought on “Loose Handle Pin Lock Kegs – $27.99 + Repair Tip

  1. Sean

    I’ve bought 6 of these over the last year or so and none of them had loose handles, I have also purchased the normal used pin locks and they are only slightly nicer. All of my kegs have come from AIH and I’ve never had any issues with them. They do have syrup residue in them when they arrive so I have always replaced all of the orings but since HBF has links to those in bulk, I’ve spent very little on them.


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