2014 Nugget, Sorachi Ace, Magnum, Chinook, Liberty and More – from $10.95/lb

eBay Seller Hop Heaven has appeared on HBF many times.  We have received great feedback on this seller.

Periodically Hop Heaven takes there entire store offline.  I’m not sure why they do that, maybe they are traveling or maybe they are swamped.  Either way, If it’s a way to ensure timely processing, I think it’s a good thing.  It’s probably part of way they are named a Top Rated Plus Seller.

Anyway they are back with a bunch of 2014 (and more) offerings and bundles.  Their listing feature either free shipping or flat rate $4.95 shipping.

Check it out – Here – offerings sorted by newest first

Prices and promotions can change quickly, check Hop Heaven’s listings for current availability and pricing.

from HBF Reader Christian: This seller is just excellent. Blazingly fast shipping, great product, hops are SUPER fresh, well sealed and arrive in just a few days.

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