Wort Chiller w/Recirculation Arm – $119.95 Shipped (Save $30)

Wort Chiller Immersion with Recirculation Arm

I use a similar immersion chiller with recirculation arm along with a high flow March Pump to chill.  Using this technique, I get 5 gallon batches chilled to pitching temp in around 6 to 10 minutes, depending on ground water temps.

The WC45A is the WC45 Superchiller with a recirculation arm soldered directly to it. This recirculation arm is also equipped with a 1/2″ FPT fitting to accommodate a barb, nipple, or quick disconnect fitting for easier and more customized connections. Water inlet is 3/4″ female garden hose thread; Water outlet is 3/4″ male garden hose thread. (keep reading)

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Wort Chiller – SuperChiller with Recirculation WC45A – $119.95 + Free Shipping

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One thought on “Wort Chiller w/Recirculation Arm – $119.95 Shipped (Save $30)

  1. EchoTony

    If you don’t have something to recirculate while chilling your beer with an immersion chiller, you are wasting your time and water.

    I have two 25′ copper chillers. The first is in the kettle and the other is my pre-chiller that goes into an ice bath when the wort hits about 85f. My system used to take about 35 – 45 minutes to chill 5.5 gallons (we have fairly warm municipal water). After adding the recirculation arm (Morebeer item), times dropped by about 1/2. I can get down to 80 in about 10 – 15 minutes and under 70 in 20.

    If you have a pump, you have to recirculate when chilling. It’s just so much better.


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