ProFlow Dynamics Cam and Groove Quick Disconnects

Stainless Camlock Disconnects Homebrew

I’ve used ProFlow Dynamics Quick Disconnects on my kettles, mash tun, pumps and tubing for a long time.  They have worked great for me.  I put male connectors kettles, mash tuns and pumps and use female connectors for tubing.  These are made from Stainless Steel and are available in lots of configurations.  I also take the rings and pins off of these.

These are classified by Type.  That may mean something in “commercial cam lock fitting circles”, but I was initially confused by this.  Types are akin to model numbers.  For example, Type A is Female NPT to Male Cam and Groove.

Twitter Follwer Zac (@zacbdct) Says; “My quick disconnects of choice for sure. Very handy and easy to clean.”

Price start at just $2.03 (for the Dust Plug).

Check out the full lineup – Here – Save 5% – Note: You must use this link. Discount shows in the cart.

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