Pin and Ball Lock Draft Line Cleaning Manifolds

Ball Lock Keg Cleaning Manifold

This 4 way cleaning manifold has been out of stock at RiteBrew.  It’s available again as of this posting.

With this, you put cleaning solution, water or sanitizer (generally in that order) in a keg and then hook your tubing lines, including QD up to this.  Turn on a bit of pressure and clean, rinse and sanitize all of your lines at the same time including the QD, tubing and faucet.  Whammo.

This one is four way (ball lock), allowing you to clean up to four runs at the same time.  Four way pin lock and eight way ball lock are also available.

843692 – Cleaning Manifold – 4-way – Ball-lock

843694 – Cleaning Manifold – 8-way – Ball-lock

843696 – Cleaning Manifold – 4-way – Pin-lock

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