Nikobrew – 2014 Amarillo Pellets – $25 + Flat Rate Shipping

Nikobrew has just added 2014 Amarillo Pellets to their lineup.  They are $25 per lb and bundle with $5 flat rate shipping.

Amarillo Pellets – $25/lb

About Amarillo: Amarillo 8-11%AA – Discovered by accident in a hop farm outside of Yakima, WA, this dual-purpose hop has taken the brewing world by storm in recent years. A proprietary high-alpha hop that can only be grown under license, Amarillo imparts floral, tropical and huge citrus aroma and flavors. A local brewer described Amarillo as “a hop so good for IPAs and pale ales that it’s almost like cheating.”

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Nikobrew offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.  Hops are nitrogen flushed in mylar bags and stored below freezing.

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