Center Inlet Stainless Chugger Pump – $145

Center Inlet Chugger Pump

ProFlow Dynamics has Chugger’s Center Inlet Stainless Pump for $145.

Chugger SS-C Features:

  • Magnetic Drive
  • Center Inlet Chugger Brew Pump with Base
  • 115 volt power supply\
  • 1/2 HP with 55″ cord WITH PLUG
  • 3/4″ NPT x 1/2″ NPT (CENTER INLET) threaded connections
  • Stainless Steel pump head with Polysulfon Impeller

Chugger Center Inlet Stainless Pump – $145

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5 thoughts on “Center Inlet Stainless Chugger Pump – $145

  1. Mike

    Looks like the “Affiliate Discount” applies to anything in your cart, which is AWESOME! Picked up the pump and a few QD pieces for it. Fan-tas-tic!

  2. M3talhead

    I bought mine for about $124 shipped 2 years ago. $116 is an awesome deal, especially for the stainless pump head.


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