Picobrew Zymatic – Fully Automated Beer Brewing Appliance

Picobrew Zymatic

From MoreBeer: “The PicoBrew Zymatic® is a fully automated all-grain brewing appliance, built to brew 2.5 gallons at a time. There are numerous reasons why we love this new all-grain brewery, but we recognize it may not be for everyone. That being said, the Zymatic® is perfect if:

– You’re wanting extreme repeatability. The Zymatic® can remember individual batches, and if you want to replicate one, its as easy as loading up the same ingredients and selecting that brew.
– You want to brew all-grain, but are restricted on space. This unit is extremely compact, making space almost a non-factor when compared to traditional all-grain setups.
– Time is an issue. Set up and clean up are much quicker and easier, and since the Zymatic® is completely automated, you don’t need to be there to monitor temperatures, open valves, turn on burners, etc.

The Zymatic® also runs on 120 v electricty, and plugs into any standard 3-prong outlet. It is WiFi capable, so you can load your recipes without being right next to your computer. If you have to leave during the brew, you can monitor the whole process from your smartphone!”

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3 thoughts on “Picobrew Zymatic – Fully Automated Beer Brewing Appliance

  1. Chris

    I have to agree with the first commenter. I have a Zymatic and it takes me significantly MORE time to prep and clean the Zymatic than my old brewing system (a single-vessel BIAB system).
    I’m not using the Zymatic very much 🙁

  2. barry

    If cleanup is what you’re concerned about, I think the 10 minute cleanup on the Zymatic is pretty easy. Dump grain/hops, rinse out containers and tubing. I do an unnecessarily thorough cleaning by hooking up a corny keg of PBW, set to cleaning cycle by pushing a button. 30 mins later (automatically heats up the PBW to 120 degrees and circulates) it’s ready to rinse till next use, although I usually revisit it the next day or two when I remember.


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