8 Gallon Fermenter with Spigot & Lid – $17.99

841219 - 8 Gallon Fermenter with drilled lid and 3/8" spigot

via RiteBrew.  30 LIter/8 Gallon Fermenter with Pre-Drilled Lid and 3/8″ Spigot for easy transfers – no more siphoning.

  • 8 Gallon – 30 Liter Capacity. Drilled lid with grommet for airlock.
  • Lid seals tight, will not leak. (Difficult to close the first few times, run lid under hot water)
  • Ample headspace to eliminates the need for a blowoff tube.
  • Spigot threads molded into bucket, eliminates leaks.
  • Spigot designed for 3/8″ ID tubing, also works with 5/16″

These have been sold out.  It’s available again as of this posting.  Considering it’s 8 gallons, includes a pre-drilled transfer spigot and comes with a pre-drilled lid, I think this is a bargain.

841219 – 8 Gallon Fermenter with drilled lid and 3/8″ spigot – $17.99

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