10% Off Any 3 Recipe Kits (Extract & All Grain!) + East Coast Yeast Available

Beer Kit Sale - Love2Brew

Love2Brew is discounting their entire lineup of beer recipe kits (excludes 1 gallon kits) by 10% when you buy 3.  That includes Extract AND All Grain Kits.  Consider their new Nighthawk Imperial Black IPA – All GrainExtract – I’ll be brewing that beer myself soon.

Check it out – HereUse Promo Code 3BEERS

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

Yeast: love2brew carries a couple lines of hard to find lines of yeast: East Coast Yeast and The Yeast Bay – If you’re looking to qualify for free shipping or just grab some hard to get yeast, consider adding to your order.

Save at love2brew: Sale and Clearance items

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3 thoughts on “10% Off Any 3 Recipe Kits (Extract & All Grain!) + East Coast Yeast Available

  1. Andrew Hammond

    I’ve never seen Bug Farm in stock 🙁

    > They are also small enough that the vast majority of retailers don’t even carry East Coast Yeast.

    Isn’t it more like ECY only distributes to local distributors? Love2Brew is local to them.

    1. admin Post author

      I’m keeping an eye out for Bug Farm. It does come in stock, but not often. You’re right about l2b being local. That’s got to play into why it’s available from them.

  2. mike honcho

    Too bad they won’t give you the option of a kit with no yeast .$3.99 for us -05 in each kit makes it not so great of a deal imho.


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