1 lb Summit Pellet Hops – $8.75 + up to 33% Off Most Varieties

Niikobrew Hops

Nikobrew has discounted nearly every hop they have by as much as 33%.  Hops are priced as low as… $7.50 per lb.  This sale bring the price of lbs of Summit Pellets down to… $8.75.

Nikobrew also offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.

Check it out – Summit lbsFull Sale

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2 thoughts on “1 lb Summit Pellet Hops – $8.75 + up to 33% Off Most Varieties

  1. Andrew Hammond

    Does anybody have experience buying hops that are that old (2013)? I’ve heard the pitch about nitro & vacuum sealed but it still seems contrary to the general “hops need to be super fresh” mentality… I would assume even under the best storage techniques, there are at least some varieties that should be avoided.

    1. admin Post author

      I’m interested to hear from other people, but one crop year in age isn’t old in my book if hops are stored correctly. I’ve got hops (vacuum sealed in the freezer) from 2010 that still look at smell very fresh.


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