White Labs Suremain Burgundy + Barrels with Cracked Stavesl

white labs suremain burgundy

White Labs WLP-770 Suremain Burgundy

Description: White Labs Suremain Burgundy Liquid Yeast emphasizes fruit aromas in barrel fermentations. High nutrient requirement to avoid volatile acidity production. Alcohol Tolerance: 16% Attenuation: >80% Flocculation: Low. Optimum fermentation temperature: 60-90 degrees F. (keep reading)

White Labs Suremain Burgundy liquid Yeast – $6.99


Smaller (5 to 10 gallon) used whiskey barrels can be tough to come by.  Adventures in Homebrewing has used 10 gallon whiskey barrels (with cracked staves) from Sons of Liberty Distillery.  They still hold liquid (see the description) and this saves you $25 vs the standard offering (which is and has been out of stock).

Description: These barrels have slight imperfections and/or minor cracks in some of the staves. These still will hold liquid and are in good condition otherwise. May need to be swelled prior to use to ensure it is liquid tight.

These barrels come from Sons of Liberty Spirits Company, an award winning craft distillery located in Rhode Island. This innovative distillery specializes in American Single Malt Whiskies born from distinctly flavorful beers.  These once filled charred oak whiskey barrels will impart whiskey taste and aroma, and improve the depth of flavor and complexity of your next beer.

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