Guest Post: A Look at Bairds Carastan

Bairds Carastan

Many thanks to Bill at Great Fermentations for this special Guest Post!

Late in 2014, Great Fermentations introduced a variety of products from maltsters we don’t normally carry including: Thomas Fawcett, Bairds, Best Malz, and several others. Since then, we’ve continued getting requests for some of these malts. Here’s a closer look at one of those malts… Bairds Carastan.

At it’s core, Carastan is a British Crystal malt, at 30-40° Lovibond. You can use it in your recipes up to 20% of the malt bill, and expect to get caramel/toffee flavors, along with a slight character reminiscent of toasted bread. Bairds Carastan is going to differ slightly from your American crystal malts in that it will contribute a deeper flavor than you might expect. That’s pretty typical of the British crystals, and why I like them so much! Bairds Carastan can be used to add both flavor and color to many recipes, including (but not limited to): English Pale Ales, Mild Ales, and Brown Ales.

The dominant flavor profiles that come across are caramel, toffee, and bready; that just screams ESB to me. I would use Carastan at a rate of about 10% of the total grain bill, along with a good, UK pale malt like Maris Otter. If you need to darken it up a bit, an ounce or two of UK black malt will do. Bitter it to about 40 IBUs with your favorite British hop, and add a bit more at the end of the boil for aroma. White Labs English Ale Yeast or Wyeast London ESB would be a good choice for fermentation.

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Great Fermentations Bill

About the Author:  Award winning homebrewer, Bill Jimerson, came to Great Fermentations in 2010 after spending over a decade in the motorcycle and power-sports industry. When he’s not tending to exploding fermenters or dangerously addicted to something on Netflix, Bill spends his off time working on Indy Beer News, a craft beer news and events calendar/podcast.

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  1. Michael

    Thanks for posts like this! I’ve been curious about a couple of the ‘cara’ malts, like carastan! Cheers


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