Reader Tip: 100 Grommets

Thanks to HBF Reader Doug for this tip!

Import Rubber Grommets 3/8"i.d X 5.8"o.d - 100pk

100 Pack of Rubber Grommets – 3/8″ ID by 5/8″ OD.  Grommets are used to add an airlock port to a vessel.  Generally speaking, you’d drill a 1/2″ hole and pop the grommet in.  I’m not sure exactly what size hole these would use, although from the dimensions given, my guess would be 1/2″.

Import Rubber Grommets 3/8″i.d X 5.8″o.d – 100pk

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One thought on “Reader Tip: 100 Grommets

  1. da kine

    I tried to use one of these in a Vittles Vault to make a 10-gallon fermenter and the plastic on the lid was too thick so it never quite seated itself. It would probably work just fine on a thinner Gamma sealed vessel, though.


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