3D Printed Stir Plate?

AC Infinity AI-120SCX Speed Control Fan Kit for Cabinet Cooling, Single 120mm

If you’re a close reader of Homebrew Finds you’ll know that I’ve been playing around with a couple of rapid prototyping-related products for use with homebrewing.  One is littlebits, the other is a XYZPrinting Da Vinci 3D Printer.  Related to the latter, I’ve printed out a few interesting things including multiple tap handle designs and a fair number of… chip clips :).  I think the technology has a lot of potential.

Anywho… there are a number of stir plate STL designs already out there.  Existing Stir Plate STL projects (at least that I’ve found) tend to use “the fan I had laying around”.  I plan to source this specific cooling fan and put together a Stir Plate design that works with it.  I like this model because… 1. It’s a good size (4.7″ square), 2. Is already wired for AC and, 3. Includes a variable speed function.   If you’re experienced designer and want to help, I’d be happy to work on this with you.  Just Email Us and we’ll get rolling.

AC Infinity AI-120SCX Speed Control Fan Kit for Cabinet Cooling, Single 120mm

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

Update 2/4/15:

3D Printed DIY Stir PlateI’m getting some great results.  This is a test with nearly 4.5 liters of water.  Looks for more details soon.

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3 thoughts on “3D Printed Stir Plate?

  1. Andrew Hammond

    Would love to see cheaper stir-plate options… If I could buy a few 3D printed “bases” for cheap and supply my own fan and AC adapter, that would be awesome! Would be a great way to speed up yeast starters while avoiding having to buy the expensive 5L starters, which can be 3x the price of a 2L!

  2. Bryan

    Will you do a followup on the tap handles? How nice do they look? What kind of force does it take to break them (i.e. are they delicate or can drunks operate them)? What do you estimate the cost per unit is to make them at home?


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