3 Way CO2 Manifold – $27.49

 843673 - 3-way Gas Distributor

3 Way CO2 Manifold with 3/8″ ID Barbs for $27.49 via RiteBrewCompare Here.  The description says it fits 5/16″ ID line.  5/16 is just a bit bigger than 3/8.   I’m guessing 1/4″ ID, just a bit smaller than 3/8, will also work.  I personally prefer barbs on the CO2 side.  MFL is dandy for the liquid side.  My thinking is… I can see a liquid leak.  I cannot see a gas leak.  MFL connections could loosen, where that isn’t really the case with barb fittings.

843673 – 3-way Gas Distributor – $27.49

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