3D Printing for Homebrewing?

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

I recently got an XYZprinting Da Vinci 3D Printer.  Very recently.  I’m just in my first day using it.  So far, I’m really impressed.  As I write this, I’m in the process of printing a customized Tap Handle via thingiverse.com.  This particular tap handle includes web based customization.  The whole process has been surprisingly simple.

I’m thinking 3D Printing has a bunch of possible applications for homebrewing.  If you’ve printed something useful and can point us to the file send me an email.  Make sure to include a link to the file, any tips you have and any pictures you can share of the finished product.  If I get enough good projects, I’ll put together a page or put up individual posts along with a related 3d printing category.

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer – Filament

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5 thoughts on “3D Printing for Homebrewing?

  1. Neil

    You’ll need to be careful with anything that touches the beer, especially unfermented. The finished prints would be very difficult to sanitize correctly.

  2. Metal

    Some of the simplest things are the hardest to find and most expensive. 3D printing could help immensely.

    You wouldn’t think it, but no hardware store in my area (Lowes, HomeDepot, Ace, etc.) carries nylon or plastic backnuts for barbed fittings to create bulkheads (for blowoffs) in 5 gal bucket lids. Conduit locknuts work…for a while…until they corrode. Print a few of these out and you could mint yourself into breaking even.

  3. Chris Frank

    Holy crap! The possibilities are endless!! Better carboy and conical bungs, blow off valves, and instant customizable tweaks to any system! This is nothing short of a stroke of genius!!

    Let the research begin!

  4. Ben

    Someone with the skill to design better fermenting bucket. Something that duel wall that has water channels in it so you can run water that could cool or heat the wort. Or bucket leads with built in bubbler.


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