FREE Sample Port with FastFerment Conical Purchase!


The FastFerment Conical has a 7.9 gallon/30 liter capacity.  Comes with 6″ screw top, grommet, airlock, collection ball for yeast harvesting, wall mounts, bolts and anchors, tubing and tubing clamp.  Additional accessories including carrying strap, stand and additional collection balls are also available.

More about the FastFerment Conical from Great Fermentations

Conical Fermenters are a great addition for your brewery, because they allow you to do both your primary and secondary fermentations in the same vessel. The problem is that conicals can sometimes cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Enter the FastFerment! The “cone” shape design of the fermenter allows yeast and sediment to collect in the bottom of the fermenter. When fermentation is done, simply close the bottom valve and remove the collection ball from the vessel and voila – you have started secondary fermentation! Now you can clean the collection ball and put it back on to finish off your secondary, or you can store it with the yeast in the fridge to use again



FastFerment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter at Great Fermentations

FREE Sample Port!  For a limited time, Great Fermentations is offering a free sample port exclusively to Homebrew Finds Readers!  The sample port allows you to easily collect samples for tasting and gravity readings.  Includes the sampling port, required drill bit and instructions.

Grab the full details and coupon code –  HomebrewFinds FastFerment FREE Sample Port

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4 thoughts on “FREE Sample Port with FastFerment Conical Purchase!

  1. Eric

    Yeah, that’s not fitting in my ferm chamber. However, I can easily rack it into a corny keg for lagering. I bought one to try it out… racking is always the last thing I want to do so this should expedite that process quite nicely.

    1. Eric

      I should note that I only use the ferm chamber for lagering. I have at least one 68F room in my house year round for ales. In the summer my office gets a balmy 84, so Saisons work well without a chamber during those months.

  2. Dan

    Unless you’re fermenting in a cellar, a large-height chest freezer, or an upright fridge, you’re not going to be able to fit these bad boys in your normal fermenting chamber. The need to be shorter and possibly wider. It’s a great idea and a great price, but they could have interviewed more homebrewers before designing their product.


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