25% Off Drink Tanks Insulated Stainless Personal Keg + Hands on Review

Beerloved is offering up to 30% off their entire lineup to celebrate International Beer Day.

20% off orders $50+ use promo code BEERDAY20
25% off orders $100+ use promo code BEERDAY25
30% off orders $150+ use promo code BEERDAY30

That means their Drink Tanks, Stainless, Double, Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growler with Keg Cap drops by a whopping 25%.  Check out my Hands on Review of this personal keg setup.

25% Off brings their price down to $86.24 + Shipping.

Check it out – Here

Beerloved carries a variety of beer related items including craft beer themed t-shirts and apparel, artwork and posters, hand made 6 pack carriers, Glassware, Tasting Sets, the Drink Tanks Growler and Keg Cap Kit [Review], Bottle Openers [Hand Forged Bottle Opener Review]. Mahogany and Oak Tap Handle and lots more.

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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6 thoughts on “25% Off Drink Tanks Insulated Stainless Personal Keg + Hands on Review

  1. Christina

    Does anyone have a more recent code? these don;t seem to work anymore. Also, I know the 128 Oz. has been on back order since the Kickstarter. Has anyone bought this and used it? What would you prefer? 64 Oz or the larger?

  2. JC

    I had the same issue last year when I wanted to order, I got busy and I didn’t think to email someone. I’m ready to order again, will you guys honor that coupon/discount that I wasn’t able to order use last time?


  3. Mark

    Got an email back, it was an error and has been fixed. Well handled customer support, I ordered mine and am happy to do business with them. Total was “$ 98.24 .. including shipping for $ 12.00. .. including $ 28.75 in discounts”.

  4. Mark

    This sounds like a great deal, however, when I applied the coupon code it forced shipping to overnight and wouldn’t let me change it (or remove the coupon code).

    So before applying the coupon:
    $ 124.99.. including shipping for $ 10.00.

    and after applying the coupon:
    $ 126.24.. including shipping for $ 40.00. .. including $ 28.75 in discounts

    The end price was higher after using the coupon code. I’ve got an email in to them and am hoping it’s an easily resolved glitch in the item/sale data. I will post back if/when I get a response.


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