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Friday, July 4, 2014

Update: 2 Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs - $50.89 per Keg + Free Shipping

Thanks to HBF Reader Mike for this tip!

This two pack of reconditioned ball lock kegs appeared on HBF a few days ago at $68.40 per keg.  I checked yesterday and they were $72 per keg with the promo code.  Mike noticed that these are $66.72 per keg.  The discount that brings these down to $66.72 is set to expire today.

Get $25 off 2 Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs when you use promo 25OFF2KEGS.  That brings the price down to $133.44 or $66.72 per keg.  Shipping is free.  Better Bottles and Glass Carboys ship free along with the kegs.

Update:  For some reason these are actually discounted to $101.75 at checkout or $50.89 per keg shipped.

Check it out - Here

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  1. Great find and perfect timing for me. Thanks!

  2. Just ordered this morning at price listed above! Love this site!


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