Reader Photos: Brand New, NSF Approved Ball Lock Keg – $84.99 + Feedback

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Zip picked up a couple of these brand new kegs from RiteBrew.  He said they are “Beautiful” and tweeted me a few pictures.

These Brand New, NSF Approved, 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs are selling for $84.99.  That’s the second lowest price we’ve seen on Homebrew Finds for a brand new ball lock keg.  Probably the lowest price ever on an NSF Approved Keg.  This is a great deal for a brand new keg.

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Check them out – Here

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5 thoughts on “Reader Photos: Brand New, NSF Approved Ball Lock Keg – $84.99 + Feedback

  1. graymoment

    For anyone who has bought these, can they be stood up upside down? After cleaning and then sanitizing, I stand kegs upside down to drain.

  2. John K. Watts

    I just went to the website and it is ~$7/keg shipped ($7, $14, $19 for 1, 2, 3 kegs) shipped to my address.

    Very reasonable rates IMO!

  3. graymoment

    Yeah, I’m with anonymous. I remember the initial post about these but there was no mention about the true cost with shipping included, so I passed.


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