Ask Dr Chris White Anything! + New White Labs PurePitch Packaging

White Labs has announced new PurePitch yeast packaging for homebrewers.  The new packaging goes hand in hand with a new propagation method White Labs is calling the Flexcell Process.

White Labs Description of Flexcell:
Instead of traditional stainless steel fermenters, the patent-pending FlexCell process allows White Labs to propagate yeast with no exposure to the environment all the way to packaging, ensuring its quality and purity.

More about PurePitch Packaging:

  • Since the yeast is grown and packaged in the same material the new PurePitch packaging is actually a part of the fermentor, and its contents have never been exposed to the environment.
  • PurePitch Packaging is breathable and allows CO2 to escape. Reduced chance of gas build-up.
  • This packaging will maintain the yeast in a more stress-free state.
Read more about Flexcell and PurePitch – Here
Look for new PurePitch Packaging on Homebrew Finds when it’s released sometime this fall.
Ask Dr Chris White Anything (related to yeast and fermentation)!

Chris White, Ph.D is the Founder, President and CEO of San Diego Based White Labs
As part of this new product release Dr Chris White wants to hear from you!  Ask anything you’d like on the subjects of the new packaging, yeast and fermentation.  Know that your question may be combined with another similar question.  Also, to respect Dr White’s time, we may not be able to include every question received.  We’ll accept questions through Tuesday, July 8.Email Us your questions.


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