15.5 Gallon Keggle, Welded Port – $99.99

This 15.5 Gallon Stainless Kettle with 1 welded 1/2″ NPT Port is on sale for $99.99.  I have this exact keggle from AIH and it works great.  I purchased mine back in April of 2011.  At that time, there was a limited sale (50 keggles) at $99.  The current sale of $99.99 comes within 99 cents of matching the 2011 limited quantity price.

Used 15.5 1-weld Keggle – $99.99

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2 thoughts on “15.5 Gallon Keggle, Welded Port – $99.99

    1. Chris Brewer

      AB also appears to be crossed out in two spots by a horizontal weld. Consider that they are are selling these at a relatively large scale (as compared to a single homebrewer). It’s not like they are going down to the supermakret, buying kegs of beer, putting deposits on those kegs and drinking all the beer so they can sell them as a converted keggles. They have a commercial source. AIH has a great reputation and I trust that they are sourcing these legally.


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