Valuebrew: Three Most Popular Extract Kits On Sale – from $19.99


Valuebrew has just put their three most popular extract kits on sale.  Selections include Easy Amber, Cream of the Crop and Lucky Red.  Both 5 and 10 gallon sizes are included in the sale.  Kits start at just $19.99.  Valueship Flat Rate Shipping is also in play.

Check it out – Here

These kits qualify for “Valueship“, Valuebrew’s new Flat Rate Shipping Promo

Tip: Consider maximizing Flat Rate Shipping by picking up multiple kits.  Qualifying orders over $60 and under $300 ship the same flat rate.

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4 thoughts on “Valuebrew: Three Most Popular Extract Kits On Sale – from $19.99

  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully it is just an inventory issue. They’re local to me, and have a good price on 50lb sacks of 2-row, but I haven’t ever seen it in stock. I just found it curious now that there weren’t any all-grain kits available now. They haven’t updated their local pick-up hours since April either.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like they’ve gone to only extract kits on their site now. I couldn’t find any all-grain kits even though they used to have all-grain options for all of the extract kits. That’s too bad.

    1. Chris Brewer

      I can try and found out if you’d like, but my guess is that it’s an… inventory issue. Guessing they are waiting for a grain delivery.


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